"Eye Am Not My Name": CD
  • "Eye Am Not My Name": CD
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4 panel full color digipak casing. 22 tracks of futuristic funk classical psychedelic hip hop soul music. Own the hard copy of Señor Gigio's hip hop masterpiece, "EYE AM NOT MY NAME". We know, we live in the digital age right? But that doesn't mean you should throw out all your CDs & CD players though, bruh. Señor Gigio as a psychic says to you, that CDs are of great value & will make a resurgence in the near future. As artists & fans, we should appreciate the place of the CD in keeping the art of making albums sacred. A complete & mastered album is as powerful as a novel or a movie, especially when it's played from start to finish in its entirety. The physical copy of "EYE AM NOT MY NAME" contains the beautiful, wondrous, bugged out, psychedelic, metaphysical & symbolic artwork drawn & designed by Señor Gigio himself. The artwork is intended to complete the experience of the album, so that you know that you're stepping into a world of secret knowledge, messages & sounds. The artwork is the doorway into the music. The music itself is some of Señor Gigio's best work. 22 tracks produced by close collaborator All_Key & enlisting over 20 guest features varying from emcees, singers, poets & musicians. "EYE AM NOT MY NAME" is as freewheeling as its title suggests, packed with emotion, fun surprises & astounding knowledge. A must have for music collectors, especially fans of hip-hop & especially ESPECIALLY fans of Señor Gigio. WORD UP.

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