What will we view with the Tarot?

Past, Present, Future * Soulmate Connection * Problem Solving (Best Possible Outcome)

Next Step * Family * Higher Self * Subconscious

Family * Health * Love * Romance * Strategy * Business Affairs

Manifesting Your Soul's True Desires


Full Tarot Special - 1 HOUR.
  • Full Tarot Special - 1 HOUR.
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Depending on the querent, we can draw various spreads. Sometimes we may even draw multiple spreads for different questions. I usually draw a 10 card spread which is my own version of the traditional Celtic Cross. It is very effective in shining light on different areas of one's life.

I also can draw my own relationships dynamic spread that can reveal what's really going on between two entities, be they romantically or professionally involved.

All spreads include a Next Step, something constructive for the Querent to walk away with & apply to their life to stay on the path their soul is meant to be on.

These readings are intuitive & depending on the querent, I may introduce some spiritual gems & tools from my own personal life practices.

Sessions can be held via facechat, zoom, skype or phone.

includes photos of spread as well as my own follow-up written summary of the reading for your personal use.

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